Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense

Backwoods Boogie (Redneck P.I Mysteries) by Trish Jackson

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Backwoods Boogie takes the reader right into the world of Twila Taunton, an appealing gutsy redneck P.I. whose boyfriend thinks she is hard on the one hand and soft and delicious on the other. Twila has a mystery to solve and an innocent person to save, though some of the evidence seems to say otherwise. She also has a personal problem, it looks as if she really might be pregnant. What can a girl do other than head off on her Harley to buy a pregnancy test. The characters in the backwoods town are a colorful lot, and their thoughts and conversation makes an entertaining read. Most are nice but not all, as there is a killer out there somewhere. And too bad for Twila that she is working for the guy who once stood her up at the altar. I was really hoping she wouldn’t go back to him. The boyfriend was much more sexy. The author, Trish Jackson, grew up in Zimbabwe, Africa and I hope one day soon will write a book set there. I’d love to read about a heroine sleeping with a UZI beside her bed, as the author did.

Buy the book on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Backwoods-Boogie-Redneck-P-I-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B00O0BEZ7E


Author: Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense Author

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