Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense

BAD GUYS! Excerpt from Letting Evil In

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What is it about bad guys? They really are fun to write about. Male and female. I loved writing about Azul, the drug dealer with the blue, blue wolf’s eyes. I also loved writing about Nara, his pretty and flawed girlfriend, a bad girl in the book and a menace to the heroine, but a character I found a lot of fun. Etopia author and editor Dani-Lynne Alexander agreed, she suggested giving Nara her own book one day. That would be fun too.
Hope you enjoy this steamy excerpt from Letting Evil In

The glint of something on the floor caught her eye. She lifted her head to get a better view. Azul’s gun! Wow, it was impressive. Dark steel, gleaming. A long, lethal-looking barrel. Marcelo said it was a Glock. A semi-automatic. So fucking cool. She wondered what it felt like to hold it.
Sliding quietly off the bed, she tiptoed across the floor and picked it up, wrapping both hands around it like she’d seen Marcelo do. The Glock felt solid, the steel cold against her skin, the weight in her palm. Her hand curled around the grip and her index finger slid naturally onto the trigger loop. Standing naked in front of the mirrored wardrobe doors, she raised her arms aiming at the ceiling. Ooh. That looked so good. Like she was the star of an X-rated movie.
“Put that down.”
She started and whirled around.
Azul sat on the edge of the bed and looked straight at her, eyes narrowed.
She giggled. “Make me,” she said. Then walked slowly toward him, aiming the gun at him and moving it slowly from side to side.
“Give that to me.” His voice was cold.
She shook her head. The feeling of power that came from holding the Glock was incredible.
Azul held out his hand, palm open.
She stood over him, head tilted to one side, looking at him. Slowly she lifted her eyebrows. No way could he dare grab the gun. All the power in the room belonged to her.
She was really enjoying this.
Not so much.
He looked angrier by the minute. What was it with guys that they hated women to be in control?
“Give me that now.”
Deciding not to make him too mad, she shrugged and handed over the weapon.
“You know the safety is off, don’t you?” Azul said.
“So?” Lying down on the bed beside him, she stretched. A really nice kittenish-sort of stretch. “What sort of gun is it?”
“It’s a Glock.”
“Semi-automatic, yeah?”
“So, it’s your favorite, huh?”
“Will you teach me how to shoot with it?”
“Not today.”
“When? Tomorrow?”
“No.” Azul raised the Glock and placed the tip of the barrel on her throat. She inhaled, staring at him wide-eyed. Slowly he moved the muzzle from one side of her throat to the other. She froze, not daring to move away. He moved it slowly up to her chin and around her trembling lips, and then drew a line down between her breasts.
Hardly daring to breathe, she felt the cold, steel muzzle circle her breasts and then trace gently round and round the tips of her nipples. Quivering with fear and excitement, she reached out for him, but he drew back.
“Keep still,” he warned.
She felt the cold muzzle running down her stomach now. She arched her back and felt her body tighten, half with excitement, half with dread. What was he doing? Was he still angry with her? Was he going to off her? Her voice shook as she said, “Is the safety on now?”
“Thought you didn’t care about that?”
Sliding his knee in between her thighs, he pulled her legs further apart. She writhed at the sensation of the barrel tip descending lower and until it came to a halt on the sweet spot between her legs. Heart racing, she moaned as the edge of the barrel circled deliciously round and round her clit until she felt it swollen and throbbing. Dizzy with fear and desire, not daring to move too much in case the gun went off, she ached for more. It was the scariest, most exciting thing she’d ever felt. Low down there, she could feel her body clenching, throbbing, wanting more. She exploded in sensation, crying out as she spiraled into a throbbing orgasm. The Glock fell with a thump to the floor, and Azul moved between her legs, ramming himself inside her, moving faster and faster, until he cried out and collapsed on top of her.
“Fuck, baby!” he gasped.
Drenched in sweat, she smiled with satisfaction. She couldn’t have said it better herself.


Author: Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense Author

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