Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense

Here is my interview with Ellie Eden

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Great interview – thank you Author Interviews 🙂


Name Ellie Eden

Where are you from

I live in Hawaii with my husband and two daughters and a son.  I was born in South Africa and left there in my early 20s to travel. I never returned although I visited every two years. We’ve lived in Australia and California. I like them all. Hawaii is very beautiful and I like the scenery, temperature and the hiking, swimming and outdoor life here.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I went to a convent school in South Africa. We had an excellent education when it came to reading and understanding literature. My maths was non-existent. I told my daughter once that I was always getting into trouble with the nuns. She was delighted and said, “Oh! What did you do.”  I said, whenever I was bored I would cross my legs and wiggle my foot up and down. She thought that was…

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Author: Ellie Eden

Romantic Suspense Author

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