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Welcome! Lets Tackle the Romantic Suspense Readers’ Eternal Question

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It’s the romantic suspense readers’ eternal question. Do they consider the exciting content of the book? Nope. They take one look and ask: Where did they get that hot guy on the cover? As an example, here is a cover of my newly released ebook. Cute guy, yeah? Hot. Great body and definitely has that bad boy look. But check out the sweet mouth. Surely he’s not all bad. Works for me!


When my novel reached the Etopia Press Production Department, I was asked to describe the hero to the cover designer. Well, I know how my hero looks—he’s hot—but the cover designer’s idea of a hot guy could be totally different. Tony, the hero of Letting Evil In, is a hot federal agent in Rio. He’s Italian-Brazilian. So I went on a grueling assignment. I searched images of hot Italian actors. And I found Luca Argentero. It was love at first sight. Here he is:


And here he is again. Image

They probably couldn’t exactly feature that one on the cover…
The Etopia Press cover designers went ahead and found their own hot guy anyway. I love him too. I’ve had a lot of readers’ ask how the publishers found him. But unfortunately where he hangs out is a publisher’s secret. If I find him I’ll let you know.

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Here is my interview with Ellie Eden

Great interview – thank you Author Interviews 🙂


Name Ellie Eden

Where are you from

I live in Hawaii with my husband and two daughters and a son.  I was born in South Africa and left there in my early 20s to travel. I never returned although I visited every two years. We’ve lived in Australia and California. I like them all. Hawaii is very beautiful and I like the scenery, temperature and the hiking, swimming and outdoor life here.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc  

I went to a convent school in South Africa. We had an excellent education when it came to reading and understanding literature. My maths was non-existent. I told my daughter once that I was always getting into trouble with the nuns. She was delighted and said, “Oh! What did you do.”  I said, whenever I was bored I would cross my legs and wiggle my foot up and down. She thought that was…

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So glad Etopia Press agreed to change the title of my book. I actually wanted them to remove the gun but they decided not to. I tried a marketing survey and 90% of people looking at the book are men. Which is not really the audience although the two men who reviewed it said they enjoyed it. I still like the bad boy on the cover. Just thought it might be better if he looked a bit less threatening! Anyway – what do you think of new title FLIRTING WITH DANGER?

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Paramour for the Devil – A Darkly Erotic New Romance by Savannah Hill




New Darkly Erotic Romance from Savannah Hill

Darkly erotic. Supremely powerful.

Haley Hawthorne is a witch. She shuns her paranormal gifts, instead escaping into a mundane, reclusive life as an accountant for her Uncle Eli’s firm. Five years earlier, Haley was kidnapped by Raden, brother of Lucifer, and held captive as his personal sex slave. She escaped but still bears the scars, both physical and emotional. Now she’s turned away from both magic and sex, and she’s certain nothing will ever bring those lost things back into her life…

Damian, son to Lucifer, has renounced his right to the throne of Hell and has become a soldier for Adversus, hunting evil supernatural creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, he’s powerless to witches, and this witch can read his mind. He can’t decide what is more dangerous—the irresistible attraction he feels for her, or the intoxicating peace she gives him. One thing is certain, they both share a tortured past.

After Damian rescues her from an attack by monstrous djinn, Haley discovers the dangerously seductive soldier has secrets of his own. One of them is the collection of whips, ropes, handcuffs, and a leather riding crops he keeps locked away, though he refuses to show her his “Master” side. But when her trust in him grows, she finds herself increasingly intrigued by all the kinky things he’s hiding. But Damian has been given a new mission to kill a monster. A monster that turns out to be her uncle…